Full Service Page

Street Thoughts provides the following services (for models, artists, businesses, etc.):

  • Magazine Placement
  • Radio Appearances 
  • Worldwide Promo/Building Brand Visibility
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Website Features
  • E-Blasts/Newsletters
  • Content Media Writing
  • Music Distribution/Product Placement
  • Mixtape Placement
  • DJ Pool (get your music heard/in the hands of DJ's all around the world)
  • Catalog Features
  • Product Demonstration/Focus Groups (hands on/direct contact with target market)
  • Street Team and/or Fan Page Management
  • Event Planning/Coordination
  • Travel/Seattle Tour Planning 
  • Virtual Assistant Services
  • Business Card, Postcard, Newsletter, Magazine, Flyer (duplication/distribution)
  • Free Consultation (must have budget)

You can also become a member to receive exclusive access to our services and media pool.  Click here for more info: >>> Streetz Memberships 

*Artists!!! Purchase any Streetz Service (or become an exclusive member) and receive a FREE submission to our DJ Pool!  Get your new single distributed via our music network!  This is a great way to maximize your exposure as well as get your music in the hands of real DJ's.  Use promo code: "Play My Record" to receive FREE offer.  **Please note: Must have good quality (tracks must be 320 kbps), able to provide MP3 + Artwork as well as have overall dope music!  You must also own copyrights or have permission to use any track submitted. 

Ready to book now?  Select your service need below!

Catalog Feature

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Eblast/Newsletter + FREE Website Feature

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2016 Calendar Submission

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Music, Flyer or Product Distribution

How Many Units?

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*Music, Flyer or Product Distribution is for distribution only.  Customer is responsible for providing cd's, flyers and/or other promotional material.  For business card, postcard, newsletter, magazine or flyer creation and/or duplication pricing please contact CityGrinderGirl@gmail.com for more info.

Global Exposure

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*Global Exposure Packages Include:  Catalog Feature; Full Page Magazine Feature; Exclusive Interview; Mixtape or Product Review; Radio Appearance; 8 Weeks Promo; Eblast/Newsletter; Mobile App Feature; Mixtape Placement 
Need more than one service?  Want to bundle & save?  Need more info or see a service not listed?  Please contact us and ask us about our customized packages or exclusive memberships.  


For Magazine Placement/Features please click here or visit ww.Royalty.Streetz.org

For Radio Appearances/Interviews please click here or visit www.StreetzRadio.com

For Digital/Street Team Promo please click here or visit www.Streetthoughts.org

For Mixtape placement please click here or visit www.Mixtapes.Streetz.org