Every Hood has a Street...Within that Street is a Word...That Word was Birthed from a Thought!...Street Thoughts, Est 2001.

About Street Thoughts

Back in 2001, “The Home of the Illest & Realest Emcees” was developed to give talented individuals a foundation to grow, a home to elevate their skills and a chance to come together to share their vision of hiphop. With this same passion in heart, Tazzy has over the years strived towards building a diverse unit of Artists, Producers, Business Professionals & Grinders. “Loyalty, Commitment and Keeping it real are three of the hardest qualities to find in artists and supporters”, states Tazzy. “Thus being the reason dedicated/talented artists and business owners get overlooked or slept on“. She continues to add, “Alone we can eventually build a house, but if we come together we can change the world“. Help Move the Vision! http://www.streetthoughts.org/  

Streetz Radio

Founded in 2001 by owner TazDatMC, Street Thoughts has since evolved from an ordinary message board to an underground Radio Station, Magazine and Worldwide Music Community.

In 2003, Tazzy launched Streetz/RN Radio. Streetz/RN Radio was inspired while being a member of the infamous hiphop board “RapNetwork”. Tazzy was surrounded by a collaborative of hungry, raw and dope artists that had no limitations. From artists such as G3Mz, Glasses Malone, Young Dirty, Spit One, Jokes, Casuall and an array of countless other emcees & supporters…RapNetwork went hard and had the crews, tracks and reputation to prove it!
Today, Streetz Radio’s grind is still hiphop…but it has also opened its doors to talented artists of various backgrounds from all around the world.

Streetz Radio is revealing music at its Finest! Check us out LIVE at http://www.live.streetzradio.com/ 

Meet the hosts of Streetz Radio as well as submit music for rotation at the official site www.StreetzRadio.com  

Royalty Magazine

In 2008, Tazzy said “Let there be light” and it was then “Time for the Underground to Shine!”

Royalty Magazine is a visual outlet for artists to promote their skills as well as gain exposure. With visions from Seattle, California, New York, North Carolina…Royalty Magazine gives it to you raw! Support the Movement by checking out the current issue at http://www.royalty.streetz.org/  

The Skidatel

The Skidatel is the Newsletter version of Royalty Magazine. For Go Getters on the Move please visit http://www.skidatel.streetz.org/

Help the Skidatel go to a print version! Donate now!!!

Wear the Gear of Tru Emcees

Other Important Facts...

Based out of the Seattle, Washington area...Street Thoughts has hosted several networking meetings, barbeques and events throughout the years.  Both local and out of state artists have came out to support different projects.  Streetz not only gives back to the local and underground community worldwide, but its purpose is to also assist families and youth in need.  In 2006, Tha Movement (sister company of Streetz) put together its first Holiday Movement.  The focus of this movement was to not only continue to network with artists, business professionals and related affiliates, but to also give to families in need during the holiday season.  Three families were picked and provided dinner, gifts, clothes and celebration at this event.  For the 2nd annual Holiday celebration (December 2007), Tha Movement not only gave to a family in need but they are sponsoring them for one year and will continue to help them each month.
As of today, Streetz is putting the planning phases together for its youth program.  Y.O. (youth outreach) will target inner-city youth that are from low income families, homeless or just need help getting on the right track.  Y.O. will allow students to build leadership skills, create healthy relationships amongst peers/mentors and express their individual talents all while learning in an artistic environment.   

For more information and/or to contact us, please visit click here...