Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Get Promoted at one of Seattle's largest events!

Street Thoughts will be back at Seattle Hempfest this year promoting their community, products & services!  As an entrepreneur, model or artist, this is a great opportunity for you to get the word out about your business or talent!  

Why work with us at Hempfest?  Hempfest is one of Seattle's biggest events!!  With hundreds of thousands of people coming together for one common causethis will help open up Networking Connections, Increase Your Popularity & Build Brand Visibility!!!  Not to mention, as a model or artist this is a great opportunity for you to get the word out about your music, project or talent!  

From magazine advertising to placing your business card or promo material directly in the hands of potential consumers, Street Thoughts will maximize every promotional opportunity!  Sign up today to secure your spot as an advertiser or sponsor!! 


Hempfest Advertisers or Sponsors

Promo/Referral Code:

*Sponsorship's include:  your logo or banner featured on our flyers, postcards, t-shirts and/or other promo material + exclusive interview or review + everything in Advertisers package.  *Must supply high quality picture or artwork (pref 300 dpi).    

*Advertiser's package include:  your logo or banner in upcoming issue of the Black Pages + Website feature.  *Must supply high quality picture or artwork (pref 300 dpi).   

*Product Placement includes:  your business card, flyer, cd or promo material featured on our promo table and gift bags + everything in Sponsorship package.  Must supply physical copies of your business card, cd or promo material.

If you are in need of a logo or need to have business cards and/or flyers printed, please click here to contact us for rates.

As an addition we will also have our models & brand ambassadors spreading the word about this event as well as passing out promotional items to help maximize exposure!

Please note the following deadlines:

*Deadline to sign up as a Sponsor is July 5, 2015.

*Deadline to sign up as a Advertiser is July 5, 2015.
*Deadline to sign up for Product Placement is July 31, 2015.  However Sponsorship & Advertiser opportunities for this offer still expire on above dates due to printing deadlines.