Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Meet Bunny - Streetz Promo Model

Meet Bunny – Upcoming Promo Model for Street Thoughts 

Hemp Life Magazine:  Weed + Music = Hemp Life.  What does that statement mean to you if any? 

Bunny:  Weed + music = Hemp Life: to me means a life of no worries and relaxation to the mind and body, waves crashing slowly on the beach floor making the exotic sound we all love to hear.

Hemp Life Magazine:  Are you planning on attending this years Hempfest?  If so, are you a smoker or just a supporter of the event?  If you smoke, would you consider yourself an occasional toker or a heavy weight?

Bunny:   I am planning on attending this year’s Hempfest.  I am a supporter and use to be smoker (occasional toker).

Hemp Life Magazine:  Some people may look at those who smoke pot as unmotivated, a bad person or just someone who is doing nothing with their do you feel about that and what is your message to those that may disapprove or who are still not very accepting of the Stoner community?

Bunny:  I feel like they don't know life itself actually.  There are some people in this world that are a genius and probably smoke weed just to calm them down from all the pressure.  They don't know our lives and we don't know theirs, I personally don't think we should judge others for what they do.

Hemp Life Magazine:  Part of our mission here at Smokers Society & Hemp Life Magazine is to celebrate & help promote the positive effects of smoking weed.  What are some health reasons or benefits that you may know of from smoking weed and how do you feel it is good for the community in general?

Bunny:  Marijuana can be used to treat Glaucoma in the eye to help release pressure from it and may help reverse carcinogenic effects from tobacco and improve lung health instead of making it worse. 

Hemp Life Magazine:  Anything you want to say to the Stoner community or touch basis on that we haven't already?

Bunny:  Stoner Community I find this land of ours growing and making better progress every passing day that we live and breathe.

Hemp Life Magazine:  Any comments, shot outs or last words?

Bunny:  I want to thank you for reading this and giving me a chance for sending these questions in to you.

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